In 1917, Israel Bennion, our great-grandfather moved his cattle operation to “Greenjacket” and built a house that we live in today. Cattle graze the ranch pastures and the adjacent public land and are within 3 miles of home throughout their lives. We raise alfalfa, grain hay, and range grass seed.

Over the last 20 years, we have reclaimed fields, built additional irrigation systems, dug stockwater lines and troughs, and constructed 15 miles of new fence. We designed a built a corral to better handle the cattle during vaccination and loading that is based on the research of Temple Grandin and her philosophy to keep cattle calm.

We generate our only electricity. We pump from our own well. We heat with our own wood. We can our own beans, beets, tomatoes, and BBQ sauce. We eat our own eggs, beef, and chicken. We have no television, but we have high-speed internet.

We have hosted depredation hunts, family gatherings, camping groups, summer camps, a wedding reception, and recently a Beef Tasting.