Half and Full Beef


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*Because of the current high demand for beef, our quarter and half beef orders are filling very quickly. Please contact us at 435-841-7070 for the most up-to-date information and to place your order. 

Estimates for half/full beef total prices are below, with the final price calculated based on the hanging weight.

Cost per half/full beef* When Available
Angus Ranch Beef $1400 / $2800
American Wagyu Beef $2000 / $4000

* Assumes 700 lb hanging weight that will vary—actual price is $3.50 per lb hanging weight that is estimated at 400 lb for ½ beef; delivered beef is usually 50 lb less. Price does not include cut & wrap expenses of up to $160-200 per half beef and up to $400 per whole beef.

You will need a medium sized freezer to store about 350 lbs of beef or about 7 boxes (for a half beef). Usually that consists of steak (70 lb), roasts (100 lbs), and ground beef/stew meat/cube steak (180 lbs) all for $4/lb (for the Angus)—the price of hamburger.

For more information email support@bennionbeef.com or call Alan or Elizabeth Mitchell @ 435-839-3506.



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